Mass Choir

Newly formed for our 3rd Sunday Service each month. Consists of a wide range of ages. 

Hospitality/Kitchen Ministry

Help to organize and coordinate the flow of throughout the dining hall during church functions that include feeding after services and for services such as funerals/memorial services.

Senior Choir

Made up of mostly elders who minister in song on every 2nd Sunday of each month.

Gospel Choir

Made up of mostly young adults and middle age adults who minister in song on every 4th Sunday of each month.

Youth Choir

Made up of youth and young adults and minister in song on every 1st Sunday of each month.

Children of Praise Dance Ministry

Give praise and honor to God through and by way of liturgical/lyrical/spiritual dance. Are a part of many different events and services at Mt. Gilead and other churches where they are asked to minister.

Usher Ministry

Stand on their posts during church services at our home church, as well as other church services. Most of the time accompanying the Pastor in his travels to other churches, and most importantly welcoming everyone with smiles and opened arms.

Missionary Circle

Group of youth and adults that meet and plan missionary work in the communities surrounding us. Our district is the Upper Duplin and it is made up of several different churches around our area.

A2J "Addicted to Jesus" Youth Ministry

The purpose of our youth ministry is to help our youth become mentored for Christ-like character, instructed in sound doctrine, and equipped for every good work in order to engage in effective ministry.  A ministry that will reach and make disciples of fellow peers and others.